Gardens on a Roll…

If, like me you are a keen gardener with absolutely no knowledge or understanding about how to get on with planning the perfect garden, then a new product on the market may be just the thing to create the stunning garden you have always wanted. Many people go to a garden centre and load their trolleys with what they think looks good, but when they get home they forget what they were told – planting them too close together and with no design theme or idea. The plants may grow but more often then not they are in the wrong place, may not have continuity of flowering and don’t necessarily compliment each other.

Now a new concept, the ‘Garden on a roll’ idea has evolved, meaning you have a template to follow to give you the design you have been looking for with the minimum of planning and know how. There are a host of different styles available, meaning you can choose a Mediterranean style border, or something more traditional, with many options in between.

The basic premise is a rolled out paper plan which sits in a prepared border in your garden. Pre supplied plants are then placed in pre-numbered positions and planted into the ground through holes cut on the paper. A layer of soil or bark chippings over the paper provides the top layer, and with regular watering, will grow into the border you desire.